Pip Calculator

Our pip calculator enables you to calculate the pip value of your trades with ease. It offers instant results, based on real-time currency exchange rates, ensuring a faster, simpler and more accurate forex trading experience. For each trade, the pip value can be reached by using your account’s base currency. Our calculator supports a wide selection of base currencies, and an array of currency pairs.

Calculate the pip value of your trade in just four easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your investment size in lots

Step 2: Pick a currency pair to trade

Step 3: Enter the currency in which you make your trades

Step 4: Click Calculate to view the pip value for your trade


Economic Calendar

Economic events create trends

Our economic calendar is designed to help you better formulate your trading strategy, by presenting the hour each event is timetabled, describing its relevance and showing its potential impact on specific financial instruments. Use the calendar to see what time major financial reports are set to be published, and when key financial figures are scheduled to make significant market-shaping announcements.