Flexibility and credibility that take you places

The needs of the modern day investor have changed; the current life style means that we can connect anytime and from anywhere, and geographical location has no real boundaries. At Investus we recognize the importance of giving you access to opportunities across thousands of financial markets through our intuitive platforms from anywhere, disregarding physical boundaries.

Our clients typically trade in the financial markets on leverage through CFDs. This allows them to find opportunities in both rising and falling markets without being confined to one asset class, they can choose to trade on indices, forex, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies and more. We have implemented the strictest security measures to ensure the strength and stability of our system and the integrity of your trading account, and of course for the greater peace of mind of our clients.

The privacy of your personal data and the security of your funds are protected by our sophisticated technology, we use HTTPS web protocols and all our clients’ data and our systems are shielded by means of the most powerful SSL encryption..

We work endlessly to protect our reputation; we adhere to transparency and are known for our reliability. Company and client accounts are maintained separately, with around the clock control and monitoring to ensure they remain fully segregated at all times

Prioritizing the client

Our ultimate goal is your investment success. We ensure that you optimize your trading potential by providing a robust product-rich trading platform characterized by high availability and exceptional reliability. In addition, our industry experts are available around the clock, via live chat, phone and email so we can offer you a personal, localized assistance when it required, regardless of your location

Why Investus?

  • One account, multiple interfaces: mobile, tablet and web trading
  • Expert multi-language support; friendly, professional assistance, 24/5
  • A secure, reliable, robust platform  for an enhanced account privacy & security
  • Advanced trading tools: interactive charts, indicators and trading signals
  • Hundreds of available assets: currencies, commodities and indices
  • Valuable online resources: algotrading, economic calendar and market reviews
  • Attractive terms, narrow spreads, flexible leverage and zero commissions

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